AIM Creative Management is a boutique agency for cinematographers. We aim for creative partnership both with the cinematographers we represent as well as with our clients.

In 2018, Lammie Koster and Keren Cogan combined forces, ingeniously allowing them to cover all the elements that are needed to spearhead their own Director of Photography agency: AIM Creative Management.


Keren Cogan has been producing for 10 years within her own company: Keren Cogan Films. In 2017, she decided to broaden her horizon by consulting and cooperating with cinematographers, writers and small social entrepreneurs. She stepped down from being an executive producer to create time and possibilities to follow her passion, but has remained working in the film industry as a creative producer and as a script consultant.

As an Israeli-born and Dutch resident, Keren excels in recognizing the universal potential of local stories. Cogan’s strength lies in her multicultural background and a deep interest and understanding for people and stories from various backgrounds. This enables her to work on a high level with any type of creative and entrepreneur.

Her great passion as an agent lies within the development of talent and exploration of qualities. Keren’s drive is to help people realize their full potential. Connecting likeminded creatives with a range of skills and strategic planning of long-term social and creative processes, are fuelled by a ‘making it work’ attitude.


Lammie Koster has been actively working as a producer and project manager in the creative industry since 2008 and those lucky enough to have worked with her will know she is a maven in the truest sense: quick on her feet as well as an expert across a multitude of disciplines. Accompanied by effortless managing skills make her a force to be reckoned with within the industry.

Apart from a deep passion for working in a creative environment – whether the job is a local initiative or an international large-scale project – she will approach each with the exact same hands on mentality. This has lead her to plan, produce and project manage for a range of regional events and TV stations such as SBS6 and BNN as well as across a web of multinational companies such as Nike Western Europe, Universal Music Group and Vans Benelux.

In 2017 Lammie started working with cinematographers as a talent agent focusing mainly on the commercial field of their work. Lammie excels in building and maintaining a strong network of commercial clients and attracting new work through active acquisition with a great ability to build bridges between creatives and production/planning needs.