We are excited to announce that Martijn Melis is joining AIM Creative Management

Martijn is part of the new generation cinematographers that has been showcasing a strong style
through a lens of beautiful and sometimes dreamlike imagery

On recent projects he’s worked with directors like Madja Amin, Bear Damen,
Marit Weerheijm & Youri Dingemans

Graduated from the Netherlands Film Academy in 2017, his thesis film ‘Grijs Is Ook Een Kleur’
won the Student Academy Award, dubbed the ‘Junior Oscar’


We are starting 2019 with great news!
Cinematographer Gregg Telussa is joining AIM Creative Management.

Gregg has been building his career as a cinematographer for over a decade.
His style can be described as elegant and warm but with an edge. Working with directors to find a style that pulls the viewer into the world of the main characters with grace and no excessive frills.
At the same time, he’s not afraid to show the viewer the gritty side of the story while maintaining an authentic visual style.

With several features, award winning documentaries and countless commercials to his name Gregg is force to reckoned with. Working with directors like Bram Schouw, Thomas Kaan, Joris Dommels,
Martijn Maria Smits and he’s currently filming a feature with Eché Janga.


We are very proud to welcome Director of Photography Ton Peters NSC to AIM Creative Management

Having a career that spans over more than 25 years in fiction, documentary and commercial,
Ton has proved himself to be one of the most highly acknowledged cinematographers in Dutch cinema

This summer Ton finished shooting the follow up to the critically acclaimed King of The Belgians, the feature The Barefoot Emperor directed by Peter Brosens & Jessica Woodworth

Ton has worked with directors such as:
Mijke De Jong, Sophia Luvara, Johan Kramer & Sam de Jong


We are excited to announce that cinematographer Douwe Hennink has joined AIM Creative Management

Douwe graduated the Netherlands Film Academy in 2017 and has taken the Dutch film and commercial field by storm. His graduation movie ‘Sirene’ has been awarded the KNF award and premiered at the Clermont Ferrand Film Festival.

In the past year Douwe had proved himself to be very talented, up and coming DOP by working on projects with director’s Johan Kramer, Arne Toonen, Caroline Koning and Jacobien van Hellemond


We are proud to welcome cinematographer Thijmen Doornik to AIM Creative Management

Thijmen has worked on several award winning films and commercials, including the Grand Prix winner directed by Giancarlo Sanchez at the Cannes Lions 2018

This autumn he will shoot a feature film with director Jonathan Elbers


We are very excited to announce that Director of Photography, Myrthe Mosterman NSC, has joined AIM.

She’s worked on several award winning commercials, shorts and documentaries, that showcased her characteristic and graceful style of work.

Myrthe recently shot her first full length feature, GOUD, with director Rogier Hesp.


We are very proud to announce that cinematographer Martijn van Broekhuizen has signed with AIM Creative Management.

Over the last few years Martijn has grown into a internationally renowned DOP who is known for his beautiful and riveting way of shooting.

Martijn recently shot de movie ‘Coureur’ with director Kenneth Merckenand often works with directors such as:
Anton Corbijn, Michaël Sewandono, Ismael and Martin De Thurah

AIM will represent Martijn in The Netherlands.
All his European bookings will be overseen by LUX.


Our DOP Robbie van Brussel shot this beautiful and nostalgic Mastercard commercial, together with director Willem Gerritsen and CZAR Amsterdam

And to make it even better, this commercial is based on a true story


The winning team is back

The winning team is back, our DOP Joris Kerbosch teamed up with director Steffen Haars again to create the ‘Hätte Hätte’ commercial for Deutschlandcard.

AnTheir collaboration resulted in a classic Haars 7 Kerbosch comedy spot with a lot of room for the funny and absurd.


AIM Creative Management is opening her doors

AIM Creative Management is a boutique agency for cinematographers. We aim for creative partnership both with the cinematographers we represent as well as with our clients.

The aim is hitting the bull’s eye of people’s full creative potential, causing a rippling of success to all parties involved.

AIM Creative Management is a partnership between Lammie Koster & Keren Cogan. We are experienced talent agents who wholeheartedly support the cinematographers on our roster and are very proud to be representing the following talent:

Ezra Reverda, Jasper Wolf, Joris Kerbosch, Lennert Hillege, Marc de Meijer, Robbie van Brussel & Rutger Storm.

Together with these stellar talents we are starting this new adventure. An adventure that is driven by mutual trust and passion. We are looking forward to working with you and help create your best work to date.